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Furry Muses

Well, I was just sitting round the apartment on my same old butt, eating crappy Indian takeout, looking longingly at the box of wine my friend C sent me, etc. etc., when I decided to do some due diligence regarding my exciting assigment as vlogger for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. In case you don’t know, […]

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The Most Concise, Brilliant Put-Down of Wagner Ever

Samuel Beckett, 1932, trying to describe the poems he’s written that seem better to him, less “constructed”: I cannot explain very well to myself what they have that distinguishes them from the rest, something arborescent or of the sky, not Wagner, not clouds on wheels; written above an abscess and not out of a cavity, […]

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Mozart, Trickster

Without introduction, Mozart’s K. 533 leaps into being: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] … and one of the many things one could love about this idea is that it says thanks but no thanks, I don’t really need or want to be harmonized.

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For reasons that cannot be fathomed, I will be a member of the vlogging squad covering the YouTube Symphony Orchestra “summit” in New York City. Yes, I am working for “teh Google.”  (Sell your Google stock immediately.)   I hope you will find my first foray into video interesting, if not at the intellectual level (???) […]

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