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Passions of the Denk

So much and so little has been happening more or less at the same time here in Denkland that I am at a loss what and how to post. I feel like my receptors for sadness have gotten bigger, as if swollen by some emotional MSG, but the slow sorting and consideration of this sadness […]

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I aspire to a principled blog (see “Touring Quiz,” question 4, below); we here at Think Denk eschew name-dropping. I would never refer to famous musicians by their first names or nicknames, as in “yesterday I ran into Manny at the grocery store,” or even “I remember back when Isaac invited me up to his […]

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“Better if food is late,” the Indian man on the line informed me, “than you end up in hospital.” Poof, snip: he neutered my complaint. Suddenly it was petty, silly, and short-sighted of me to be wondering why my Vindaloo was oozing so slowly up Amsterdam Avenue. If it takes an hour to make fresh […]

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Touring Quiz

1) Friend M carried both a violin and a viola aboard a plane, but found himself boarding nearly last. Tyranny of overhead bins! He was attempting to reorient some nearby bags when their owner spoke: “we are very well situated here.” What, one may well ask, about their situated state precluded the reorientation of bags […]

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