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Order out the Window

I was listening to the wonderful Andras Schiff lectures on the Beethoven Sonatas (link here). He gets to the last movement of the “Hammerklavier” and promptly points an accusatory finger at the performer: It should really not sound like chaos. If it sounds like chaos, it’s the performer’s fault; you have the right as a […]

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(Washington, DC)  Former Senator George J. Mitchell released a blistering report Thursday that tied 89 performers of so-called “Classical Music,” including Mitsuko Uchida, to the use of illegal, non-musical cultural performance-enhancers. The report used informant testimony and supporting documents to provide a richly detailed portrait of what Mr. Mitchell described as “classical music’s thinking era.” […]

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Behold. In the days of King Charles of South Carolina it was the custom (and remains so, as his days continue unabated), that he and various of his shepherds and minstrels journeyed south several times a year to collect a census of lovers of classical music. King Charles did most charmingly spin yarns amid the […]

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