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NEW YORK, Mar. 19, 2009. This week brought fresh revelations that the Boston Symphony, among many leading organizations, is heavily leveraged in atonal credit swaps, more than the most pessimistic theorists had previously forecast. “It’s astounding,” one board member remarked (who preferred to remain anonymous), “one half of the orchestra is this solid, unimpeachable Brahms […]

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A Longish Piece on the Greatness of Schumann, Whose Greatness Was Never In Doubt

I headed to the Y, alone, to “get my Schumann on.” I got marooned in the middle of row O: singles limbo. Sorry, stumbling over knees, squeezing, sorry, saying good thing I didn’t have dinner yuk yuk, thinking, don’t give me that sour look, lady. Applause, applause. After a bit, I noticed the woman on […]

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OK, I’ve Finally Had It

I’m not saying I want to be understood, or claiming it’s worthwhile either.  It seems to me understanding me is one of the most boring things to do with me, or to me.  But! …  if someone wanted to understand me this parable is probably key: THE PARABLE.  I am lying on the beach in […]

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