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Love, Music-Style

I’ve encountered several musical love stories this week. To sum up: – Damp, yet oddly thirsty, long-lost brother meets married, miserable sister; forbidden love stirs unquenchable passion (otherwise, the opera would end in a big hurry); chromatic, Germanic harmonies are encouraged to run amok; springtime breeze conveniently causes door to fly open; large “sword” not […]

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Nothing for Granted

So I just got back. There is nothing like smelling the storm that has just passed, with the weird whiff of camaraderie that comes from people ducking out a sudden downpour. The city was washed clean, streets slick and shiny with flowerpetals and leaves clinging to the pavement… The rustling of the silk is discontinued,Dust […]

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Posted from bed

Every morning, my CD alarm clock just starts spouting off: Just in timeYou found me just in timeBefore you came, my time was running low,I was lost,the losing dice were tossed,my bridges overcrossed,nowhere to go.Now you’re hereand I know where I’m going.No more doubt or fear.I found my way.So let’s live today, anywayChange me!Change me […]

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Suitcase Originally uploaded by Jeremy Denk. As I enter the east wing of my apartment, the half-unpacked suitcase from last week’s concert often growls at me. Perhaps after I finish my coffee…

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