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Why, Ice Cream Sundae, Why?

In music, cause and effect are lovers, always meeting at night in remote nooks and gardens, where no one can see them. All we can do is gossip, speculate and murmur over our omelettes in the morning. They come out of their rooms, freshly showered, looking innocent enough, but you gaze enviously at the circles […]

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MadLibs Classical Concert Review

HEADLINE: Chamber Concert Culminates In Applause, Bows Felix Mendelssohn’s Octet is not the freshest work to sully our ears in recent times, comprising self-evidently a well-worn chestnut, but one assumes it was fresh when it was written. Such, if any, seemed to be the contention of the (ADJECTIVE) musicians who performed with (QUANTITY, PLURAL) of […]

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Grocery Stores of the Mind

Courtesy a Japanese typhoon, traveling the Pacific to envelop me, I am becoming a connoisseur of the color gray and a certain unhappy look in a boy’s eye as he is looking through the window of a cafe. His glance like mine must rest on a brilliantly unattractive QFC sign. Floral, Deli, Espresso: it enumerates […]

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Whoa, Update

I was truly blown away by a recent comment on this blog. Perhaps in order to really make this clear, I have to explain that much of the early part of my summer was spent working on music by Leon Kirchner, which was celebrated wildly and orgiastically (to the extent a chamber music festival in […]

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