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Thought Experiment, continued

[To all new readers: the following is the sort of long, laborious, but utterly unsystematic analysis that sometimes happens when I get all excited and some of you clearly find this all very boring and incomprehensible and some of you seem to enjoy it. So there.] Why, oh why, was I so mean to Tchaikovsky? […]

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Sometimes talent sweeps, nay, whisks across our lives like a well-oiled Swiffer, leaving the twisted surfaces of our minds polished, smooth, and reflective. We observe ourselves in the mirroring perspective that results, and say “I’m not half bad!” or “I really ought to get a haircut,” or “What the hell are you looking at anyway?” […]

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Allow me to express my immense gratitude to Alex Ross. If you are coming to the blog from the print edition, the posts he mentions are Psalm and Dissertation and Pulitzer and Release  Please feel free to browse the archives or use the slider, above… (“Older”) to dip at random into the past. I get […]

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Thought Experiment

As a performer, I would like to play Every Piece Ever Written with The Most Conviction Ever so that people run weeping from the hall and change their lives and poverty ends and rainbows and leprechauns come sprouting from the earth and rivers run pink with Cosmos that never give you hangovers. But apparently this […]

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