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Yes, I was kindly asked to write an article for NewMusicBox and I wrote this. I’m not sure what came over me. If I disappear mysteriously in the next few days, advise the police to begin their investigation with (living) composers.

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Restrain Yourself, Jeremy

I’m sorry, I tried to restrain myself from this post, but it was not possible. I was just meandering around the internet, minding my own business, innocently, when I ran–smack! whap!–into this beginning of a review: [AMERICAN CITY] — Classical music has grown increasingly serious over the years, as it seeks to counter charges of […]

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What I Might Say About The Goldberg Variations

The Goldberg Variations are (intake of breath, flip of hair, reluctant uprise of gesturing arm) … is there any way out of this? … the Goldberg Variations are … wait, hold on a moment, we needn’t bother to say, it transcends saying, it’s effing ineffable! and don’t you know that in place of speech we […]

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Stoop to Stoup

I am not sure which of the following three phrases best applies to my Christmas Vacation, so-called: a) amorphous blob of experience, with emphasis on late-night bodega snacks; b) productive, yet difficult, time of intense self-analysis, with emphasis on late-night bodega snacks; c) the usual practice obsession crap, with emphasis [etc.] Luckily, at the crucial […]

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