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Bowling for Beauties

The opening of the “Kegelstatt” trio is unusual: unusual enough that it obtained a (probably) spurious nickname. And yet, at the same time, there is nothing revolutionary in there. It is the usual classical bag o’tricks: dialectical, question-and-answer fragment-phrases, moving from tonic to dominant to tonic etc. etc. Then, predictably, there are two paired, longer […]

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Partying for Sir Edward

Readers, you missed it. There’s never been a more uproarious assemblage of Elgar specialists than Sunday night, around 8, at Bard’s Spiegeltent. I was in full end-of-summer celebration mode. I made my way expeditiously to the sangria counter—where little Elgar expertise was in evidence—but after two glasses, I still couldn’t get the Herbert Howells Piano […]

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Hammerklavier in the Hamptons?

Is it better to know what you want, or not?  Do you want to see them (your desires) from afar, or do you want them to sneak up behind you like villains in a horror flick?  … they’d creep and approach on silent feet, grab you, wrap a vise arm around your neck … you’re […]

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My dear friend E was having dinner with a friend of hers last night—a woman who some years back had had a stroke. This woman is well recovered now, but described an interesting phenomenon. When she woke up from the stroke, she had only three words at her disposal: 1) Peter, the name of her […]

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