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I am dangerously attempting to begin this post without having truly consumed an appreciable amount of coffee. Sip sip. But it may not kick in soon enough… I just thought this event was surreal enough to warrant mentioning. Yesterday afternoon, I went down round 5 to the hotel fitness room, to do some stairmaster. And […]

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I’m better today, thank the powers that be. I thought I would post another installment of the subway poetry “experiment”… zipping back and forth from 91st street to Mozart rehearsals on 58th street, I found plenty of time to contemplate the #1 trains… for those who don’t remember, it is a not-so-subtle attack on the […]

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Carter and the Things You Want

I’ll admit it. I’m in a foul mood today. For me there are three kinds of foul: 1) “Irritable” foul: where everything just peeves me, from the wait in line at Starbucks to the cheery hello of my doorman.2) “Overwhelmed” foul: when the volume of unopened mail and unattended crap gets all metaphysical on me, […]

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For those who suspect classical musicians are a different breed, I have solid scientific evidence. The other evening, I was playing a concert with violinist Soovin Kim and cellist Peter Stumpf. In a distant (15-20 miles) suburb, cellist Andres Diaz and violinist Chee Yun were also playing a concert. After our concert, Soovin and I […]

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