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Oh Yes, Links

While musing on acorns, below, I keep forgetting to link to the very kind article by Mark Stryker in the Detroit Free Press all about me and my so-called spontaneity and slightly embarrassing apartment. Haha. And to thank Alex Ross for linking to same. It amazes me, actually, how my apartment has become a protagonist […]

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Stars, Waves, Acorns

The sun cannot sleep, and neither can I. I am up (up!) at ungodly 5 am, wearing all brown for some reason, on the first post-solstice day. A friend from NYC emails: “how’s Michigan? can you see the stars?” Yes, there is one star I can see very clearly now, it’s only about 93 million […]

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One of the most curious, wonderful things about the “Concord” Sonata is the obsessive assault it mounts on Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Da-da-da-dum has become such an emblem, an audible logo, of classical music; the four notes express our whole tuxedoed, staid obsolescence, our desire to perpetuate ourselves (so they function, for instance, in a recent […]

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Back on the Road

I spent much of the plane ride staring at a mustache in the window seat. (I’m an aisle man, man.) It glinted and bristled. Clutching my dormant cell phone, I fell in and out of strange sleep, only to awaken, again and again, with my eyes magnetically held on that salt-and-peppery, yet deeply unappetizing, cluster […]

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