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Good Old Beethoven

There is probably a better way of putting this. But who cares? I enjoy Beethoven the most when he doesn’t insist so much on being “manly.” For example, the “Eroica” Symphony is just manly enough; the last movement of the Fifth Symphony is way too manly, etcetera etcetera … Beethoven’s anomalies, his offbeat sforzandi, his […]

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In Search of Yesterday’s Cheese

My powers of empathy are so extraordinary at times, I even surprise myself. For example, today I was sitting in the sunshine looking down at Lake Leman, and across it at the Alps, in the middle of vineyards perched on rolling hills, with a pleasingly rotund bowl of warm coffee cradled in my sleepy hands, […]

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Looking for Work?

WANTED: S. Richter lookalike to work as an extraReply to: gigs-278167412@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-02-13, 1:56PM EST Seeking someone who resembles late, world renowned pianist Sviatolsav [sic] Richter in ‘late’ phase of his life to work for two hours as an extra in a visual art project. There is no special talent needed, just the looks. IN ORDER […]

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Perhaps many of you out there will not agree with me, or will think I am making light of a tragedy (I am not, this is a terribly sad story which we will never really know), but I think this New York Times obituary is a masterpiece. There are so many ambiguous subtexted paragraphs in […]

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