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Moot? or Mute?

What a wonderful word is “moot”… I imagine a map like Tolkien’s, of Middle Earth, with a land named Moot, to which all irrelevant comparisons and questions are banished; or perhaps they simply choose to live in Moot, like some people choose to live in Idaho. There they would live, exchanging non sequiturs, while the […]

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Residential Evening

Wing carcasses were everywhere, and red, crumpled remains of napkins. As I brought the final wing to my mouth, and spread it with extra spicy sauce, I had the first pangs of end-of-summer sadness. As Proust might point out, I knew they were the “first pangs” precisely because I had had them before: because they […]

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Those who, like I, go to a more than a few different festivals during the summer (there is a more indelicate term for this) know the phenomenon of a “host family.” Like viruses, we musicians invade the homes of our hosts (ostensibly for the purpose of “playing concerts”), raid their provisions, make use of their […]

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Espresso Brevity

Over my third espresso this morning, I noticed that the penultimate paragraph of last eve’s blog entry could be characterized as nostalgia about nostalgia, in other words, “God I miss the good old days when I used to miss the good old days.” I’m trying to think of other examples of such meta-nostalgia… musical or […]

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