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My Umbrella

My umbrella needs no Viagra. It jumps at every chance. It attempts to come open under tables, in drawers, as I am passing through doors; it is coiled kinetic energy; it is a teenage umbrella in heat and I have considered buying it Judy Blume books just to calm it down. I am nervous it […]

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Favorite Quote of the Week “We’ve done Peter and the Wolf so many times, we’re starting to root for the wolf.” –unnamed person affiliated with the St. Louis Symphony Most Ridiculous Quote of the Week “There is absolutely nothing artificial about Glenn Gould’s playing.” –Bruno Monsaingeon Polite response: a certain stylization is actually somewhat characteristic […]

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In Which All Is Explained

Dissonance is cool. Its cool-factor and yuck-factor are often, however, at war. For every elderly concertgoer who wrinkles his face and complains “it’s so dissonant!” there’s a conservatory student in his late teens at a carrel in a listening library hearing Gesualdo or Kreuzspiel for the first time, beaming, eyes wild, thinking “dude, that’s f*&*()#$ […]

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Matters Major and Minor

Yours truly settled warmly into plush, red row W at Carnegie Hall, in a single seat at the end. I felt suspiciously glanced-at in my unaccompanied state (no, really, I have a life!) by my more elderly neighbors, and little suspected I had forgotten how K. 503 went. I thought I knew my Mozart (idiotic […]

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