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Like a Where’s Waldo? gone wild, I cannot help but search for Bach in everything I come across these days. That all-Partita concert transformed me into a junkie, jonesing for a J.S. fix. What a sad addict, though, rooting through the Tchaikovsky concerto for something resembling the Sarabande of the 6th Partita! There is not […]

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On the Road

As if the glamour of a touring pianist’s life needed any further confirmation or evidence, I am now blogging from a Denny’s in Lubbock, Texas. Outside, Lubbock’s wide, dusty Ave. Q bakes in seemingly endless sunshine, while inside, and particularly backstage at the concert hall, one freezes in extreme air-conditioning. I just left the piano […]

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I intend no slight to my friends who are still alive, but my most radiant, joyous hours over the last week have been spent living with the dead. For instance, the other evening, I found myself amid what one could only call “shop-talk” at that Upper West Side institution, that mecca of swift, savory Vietnamese […]

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This is not “that kind of blog.” But I have been practicing Bach all day for a couple days, in my bubble, and then coming back to my computer to see ever more horrifying reports of New Orleans, Biloxi, and other places … and I have been disturbed by my ivory tower existence. So, though […]

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