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Navel Maneuvers

My career, apparently, is taking an unexpected direction… Whatever you need to do to get that image out of your mind, I don’t blame you … (thanks to sharp-eyed audience member in Orange County.)

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Dithyramb; or, how I stayed sane during a Joshua Bell tour

It was a fateful moment: the difficult, dangerous birth of an obsession. I was perched in the airport bar, nuzzling a pale ale; to my right, heading off perpendicularly, was a row of seven businessmen: a clustered, beery loneliness. They shifted their eyes from screen to screen, from spreadsheet to departure status, from monotony to […]

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Some Serious Pianist-on-Pianist Action

I am not always the nutcase I would like to be. Sometimes, I am a beacon of rectitude, or at the very least a rectum of beatitude. And so, beatifically sitting upon my booty, with smug righteousness imprinted like a barcode upon my lofty brow, I was randomly surfing the net the other day, wandering […]

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Insanity, within Reason

Today, in Pain Quotidien, in the middle of a conversation, I took up a cucumber garnish and began to wash my face with it. It was an “innocent” garnish, sitting next to my egg salad sandwich. I did not pre-notify my companion. I was fastidious, and spread it over every corner, from ear to ear; […]

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