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Morning Wreckage

I cannot just charge my cell phone; it must be coaxed. The slightest spatial disruption of the connection, a feather-light brush of the cord with my elbow, for instance, will destroy a tenuous symbiosis and cost me another 10 minutes of pleading and cursing. Occasionally it will say “Unable To Charge.” Which I find curious, […]

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Transition States

Friend C wants to be made King. Take note: he does not want to BE King, or act in a Kingly way, or possess or deserve any of the trappings or temptations of power. He wants to live perpetually in the state of being inaugurated; in other words, so that the party never ends. Impossibly […]

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Old Friends

“Certain people, whose minds are prone to mystery, like to believethat objects retain something of the eyes which have looked at them,that old buildings and pictures appear to us not as they originallywere but beneath a perceptible veil woven for them over the centuriesby the love and contemplation of millions of admirers. This fantasy,if you […]

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I, Odysseus

“Heidi,” I grunted into my cell phone, “do you have what I need?” The breeze was stiff and my mind was scattered. At some point in every day, I realized, I reach a mini-crisis contemplating whether someone will, in the long- or short- term, have something I need. In this case, classical musicians will know […]

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