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As I ascend in age, various of my peers seem to be considered for Directorships of various Entities, and I am always happy for them. To date, however, I don’t seem to have been invited to Direct anything, and while I suppose that should in a sense be a cause for celebration, I can’t help feeling a bit left out. So, I have decided to launch a preemptive strike.

New York, NY, June 16–

We are pleased to announce the Inaugural Season of Pillow 2006-2007, a Festival taking place around Jeremy Denk’s pillow on 91st Street in New York, created and founded by Artistic Director Jeremy Denk. “Taking place” is meant here in two senses: geographical and spiritual. As it is not always physically possible to be in the environs of the pillow in question, or any pillow, some events will simply take pillow inspiration from afar, as a source and nexus of artistic impulse.

When asked what the pillow will actually do, Director Denk replied “I’m not totally sure.” But, he quickly added, “let’s view this uncertainty as an inspiration, a fertile creative field, rather than a problem per se.” So for the first season, Mr. Artistic Director Denk plans a series of (sleep-optional) Encounters between wonderful Guest Artists (TBA) of considerable neighborhood renown and the Pillow, where they can spend an amount of time with it, developing both it and their artistic possibilities. To fund these Encounters (to pay for snacks and beverages and other incidental activities that may become necessary during the Encounters, as well as pillow cleaning), a Grand Gala featuring Artistic Director Jeremy Denk is planned, on a rather loose schedule for the entire 2006-2007 season, on mornings when he is in New York City, at the 93rd and Broadway Starbucks, shortly after Mr. Artistic Director Denk awakens, and you may direct your contributions of any kind towards his awaiting Director’s palm. Donors of $1 or more will receive their own Titled Pillow Encounter. We hope this anti-Gala will help people to turn the glamorous gala-convention on its head, to revisit the binary of rich/poor, to understand that being a Donor is not all Platinum Circles and valet parking, but that it can also be totally unglamorous and unrewarding.

On top of these exciting ventures, there will be a regular series of:

Drool Panel Discussions

These are intended to help the developing audience understand the nature of the interaction between Artist and Pillow, and to be able to eventually understand any art works that may hypothetically come to exist. The opinions of drool have probably never been so fully explored. “I spend a lot of time with my pillow,” Artistic Director Denk explained, “and I want to share some of that joy with the rest of the world, to create a sense of community around the pillow’s generous nature. So, it’s not just a set of concerts, it’s so much more, it’s a total nestling experience.”

Inquiries may be directed to Artistic Director Jeremy Denk. We are eagerly looking for corporate sponsors.

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  1. Jacque
    Posted June 16, 2006 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    I was going to posit — or really question — a connection between this and a previous post . . . but then I feared being crass, especially if mine is the first comment.
    Best wishes with Pillow ’06-’07. I hope you attract many worthwhile board members!

  2. hari
    Posted June 16, 2006 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    you might consider playing sylvia’s “pillow talk” while holding court. sweet dreams.

  3. Philip
    Posted June 17, 2006 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    Well Mr. Denk. I think that your new post will be the envy of every thrill-seeking artist and arts administrator in the country. I plan to be at the 93rd Street Starbucks ASAP to make my donation ASAP!

  4. Jim Scofield
    Posted June 20, 2006 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    We need photos, and an exhibition catalog. You could auction signed pillow cases. Just a few ideas for you to sleep on.

  5. Anonymous
    Posted June 20, 2006 at 10:27 pm | Permalink

    You are funny, what has gotten on to you? What are they feeding you there in the South?

    I hope you’ll also attract wealthy sponsors and pillow inclined board members! am I late already for the 2006-2007 subscription? I guess there are single tickets available this time.But I can assure you that I will head down to your office at 91st to make a pledge of donation.

    As the director,can you arrange for a m/g also? I would like to attend the gala opening of your most awaited “PILLOW TALK” concert arranged and performed by you….

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