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French Obsessions

I think it would be fascinating to study the relationship between all the love we lavish on buildings and the misery we cause human beings in the process. I say this as a resident of a really crappy building which is undergoing extensive renovations. (And also as an occasional viewer of Flip This House, etc.) […]

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When you watch the sun rise in a strange apartment (where you did not plan to awaken) you watch nothing at all in the apartment move, just like in your own apartment. But why is it that things in your own apartment seem less still, seem to sway in your orbit, seem alive, and things […]

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Envelope, Please

In a shocking development, I went downstairs to get my mail.  I was really after the score of the Thomas Ades Piano Quintet, which was mailed to me and which is PFD (translate how you will).  But then, another package caught my eye.  It was addressed to “Yo Yo Ma,” and below this vaguely familiar […]

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What Happens In SF Stays in SF

Jeremy’s Wild and Wacky Week in San Francisco: A Quiz Question One True or False: The only entity Jeremy made out with all week was a French Bulldog named Noe. Question Two After Wednesday’s performance, yours truly encountered some serious stomach issues which made Thursday not the unbelievably delightful day it might have been. Looking […]

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