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Louder than Words

Sleepy return to Seattle. The self in the airplane not quite resigned to being in the airplane; it (me?) wants to fly out the window onto distant lights, land in pillowy valleys, roll in wet grass. But the seats around the plane glow (reading lamps); otherwise the tube is dark, the windows are dark; people […]

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Yesterday, I made a tremendous musicological discovery. I was going to save it, perhaps, for Musical Quarterly, or People Magazine, but I simply cannot wait; it’s bursting out of me, ejaculating (if you will) prematurely. It is my contention that any pianist, at some point in the process of preparing the Hammerklavier Sonata, will begin […]

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Pursuit of

On my first morning back in NYC, I had a long-awaited dentist appointment.  At 8, I walked into the bare bleak waiting room; I sat for a moment looking at the scuffed floor, at sad magazines; a serious 30-ish woman whisked me into a chair, bibbed me, X-rayed me, scraped me, made me lay back […]

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