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Woke up groggy on a beautiful morning to find that Gyorgy Ligeti has passed away. On top of this sad news, I think it unfortunate that the AP headline reads, essentially, “Space Odyssey Composer Dies.” We are no longer free creatures, my friends, we are all subjugates of the vast cinematic dictatorship, and only insofar […]

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Worth 1000 Words?

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Dispatches from New York

We were circling around an evolving Charleston dinner buffet, clinking glasses and sharing not very deep thoughts when a phone rang. Flutist T ran to the porch for the mysterious phone call, and when she returned she had Big News from the Big City. It was 8:53 PM, more or less. Her friend, let us […]

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Again I mourn an empty vessel. Sitting in Modica, a gelateria in Charleston, I am staring at the brown incrustations left on the sides of a tiny white cup, clinging traces of a consumed doppio espresso (hearing the racing of my heart and forbearing another) … contemplating that absence, I call up the following lines […]

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