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When the driver handed us a business card, I was surprised to read, in boldface, “Threat Assessment.” My dubious naïveté felt punctured, like a flat tire on the road to Vegas. Perhaps in the post-9/11 world, I was too complacent. All around me anti-pianist threats lurked, on the way from airport to hotel to hall, […]

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It is not always so easy to “be oneself.” Looking back at various comments on this blog, I see scattered suggestions for me to be true to myself, which causes me undue anxiety; I wrack my brain, soul, stomach to find what I was when I was I. Am I, was I, not really myself […]

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Cabbie: Where to?Me: Symphony Hall, please. [pulls away from my hotel, turns right, begins to careen down Powell Street] Cabbie: So, you a musician?Me: You got me. Cabbie: I knew it. What do you play?Me: Piano.Cabbie: I bet you know your middle C pretty well. Me: [attempting wit] C is pretty solid. Still working on […]

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Early Flight

The first events of the day were a vague beeping and a dream of boiling clouds. The clouds scattered, the beeping grew more present, and like a tribal signal I began to understand with horror what sacrifice it demanded of me. Shortly thereafter I found myself wandering around the room, vaguely disembodied, halting, like an […]

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