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So there!

For those of you complainers and whiners out there, you can just stop! I have achieved the mindblowing technological and organizational feat of posting my concert schedule online, on a dedicated Denksite. I know, I know; be dazzled by my internetitude at This is a temporary, bare-bones site, before I really get jiggy with […]

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Well, well, you never know what will be in the dreaded INBOX. One private email suggests, on the basis of my recent posts, that my mind must be a “quite fun but cynical place.” Another private email deduces from blog “evidence” that my Beethoven preparations are “agonies.” I was surprised and depressed by both. No, […]

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Patterns of A

When people ask me about “how exciting” being a pianist is, I tend to be a jerk. I reply with stupid things, the mere accessories of the trade: the monotony of hotel rooms and airport lounges; the Sisyphean accumulation of frequent flyer miles; the little voice inside that whispers in your brain that you could […]

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