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Desire and Forgetting, a Birthday Blog

Birthdays are usually days where I insist on indulging myself to the fullest, to the point of making myself very unhappy. Case in point: my 21st birthday, where, extrapolating from my love of coffee, I declared that I would drink as much coffee as possible (based on theorem more=better) resulting in an irritable, cranky, wired […]

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Schumann’s Sleight-of-Hand

I read a wonderful quote the other day: “A mathematician is a device for converting coffee into theorems.” (Don’t ask me to source it, I forget.) And today, from my first sip, blogposts bloomed in my brain, begging to be let free. I want to follow up on some Schumann stuff… Yesterday I compared a […]

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Today I Bite the Hand that Feeds Me

… Never bite the hand that feeds you. But today I will. Yesterday, apparently (according to an urgent communiqué from my mother), my performance of Brahms E-flat Sonata with Richard Stoltzman was played on NPR’s Performance Today. Apparently the host of that program, the delightful and eternally curious Fred Child, mentioned my blog, and there […]

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Smart and Not-So-Smart

Writing about music: a hazardous enterprise. I’m comforted that sometimes even brilliant people can write stupid things about music. Roland Barthes is one of my heroes; nothing makes me happier, for example, than his unique book The Lover’s Discourse; but then: “… the same composer can be minor if you listen to him, tremendous if […]

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