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More Falstaff

The following thoughts on Falstaff I find, today, scrawled into the NotePad of my Palm: “The idea of comedy where the serious character is the one you DON’T care about. Depth of character for the fool. The most ironic utterances are sometimes the most beautiful.” Irony and beauty are not often coupled; fools are often […]

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Falstaff vs. Augusten Burroughs

Today on my way home bought a copy of Burroughs’ memoir, ‘Dry.’ Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on my couch, totally absorbed–or was I simply dragged along? I feel beaten. A completely harrowing account of alcoholism, and the addictive personality in general. So, I finished the book. I can’t say I recommend […]

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Cory Files, Volume One

I was in bed, happily contemplating the length of my just completed nap, when my cell phone rang across the room. Its odd frog-like burbling did not annoy me. With some suggestion of lithe energy, I threw off my down comforter and made it to the phone before it went to voice mail. It was […]

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Mountain Return

An early morning return. Hazy, sleepy Jeremy looks out the window at Adirondack wilderness: green trees against white snow, patches of gray rock, looming heights, reddish-blue dawn sky. If only I hadn’t had those two sweet bean buns! They sit in my stomach as only piles of bean and dough can. Amiable (and so delightfully […]

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